Halo 4. Can’t Hardly Wait.

The short answer to why anyone would look forward to Halo 4 is that it’s new Halo.

The longer version of why I’m looking forward to Halo 4 is … where do I begin?

Let’s start with Halo 3. It was the ultimate game of it’s time. The year it came out there were few rivals for it, and it was the only game that Bill Gates came out to help personally promote. And why was that? Bill Gates knew it was the best damn game ever. And the proof was in the pudding – the first campaign play through of Halo 3 was the best ever gaming experience – and so to have the Master Chief and Cortana left drifting in space after that epic adventure was the ultimate turn on for more Halo – as some director once said, always leave them wanting more, and Halo 3 ably did that.

Sure, Halo 3: ODST came and went and it was a bloody good yarn and campaign but it wasn’t about the Chief. Halo Reach came along and while I thought it was a bloody good game, with a year’s worth of hindsight, I still favour Halo 3 in terms of story and game play. And it still didn’t have the Chief (except as an Easter Egg) – So I’m kinda hoping Halo 4 will carry along the story with as much fun and bombast as H3 did and the Chief will be pivotal to that ride.

The heart of it is that I want to play as the Chief again and this time 343 Industries has suggested a whole brave new world I can play in. And what is this world? Why, it’s the Forerunners’ back yard. Like the Wizard of Oz had a bag of marvelous tricks, I wonder what the Forerunners will have up their sleeves?

This is only the Front Yard!

This is not without its risks of course. Halo 4 is being made by 343 Industries, a team that has to date not actually released a video game! What pressure they must be under to make Halo fans like myself happy eh? Still, that’s another reason to look forward to Halo – simply to see if Frankie and the team can nail it! I’m betting this year’s harvest they can!

I’m looking forward to Halo 4 because according to Frankie from 343, the Greg Bear novel Primordium directly ties into the plot of Halo 4. I think this a first for the Halo series that the majority of people will be aware of (I recall Halo: Combat Evolved came out just after the release of The Fall of Reach) and so it gives Halo 4 just a grand hint of being well planned, and the best plans are well executed so that gives me great hopes for the game!

Halo 4 is set a few years after Halo 4 and this is intriguing – what’s been happening since the Chief and his friends saved all sentient life in universe from the retarded machinations of the Covenant? What has the Arbiter been up to? Will Jun turn up? Will we find out where he went after he took Dr Halsey away from Reach? I doubt we’ll get answers to those questions, but seeing as their appears to be human ships in the Concept Art for Halo 4 trailer, I’m keen as to find out what the humans have been doing in the years since H3.

I’m keen to see what new technologies Halo 4 can deliver. Halo 3 gave us an improved graphics engine and characters with faces that actually looked pretty good as they talked. I imagine the engineers at 343 are gleaming all they can from the Xbox’s parts to make us the best Halo game ever – we’ll no doubt get some awesome graphics (any worries about that have been answered by what we’ve seen from the Halo Anniversary videos) – I guess the question to be asked is, how good will the graphics be? Maybe we can throw in the question of will Halo 4 with Kinect be any good as well? Will the Kinect feature simply being operational commands?

So you, dear reader, why are you looking forward to Halo 4?

Extra for Experts: Here’s my quick re-cap of the Halo soundtracks.

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