Life is just Super


Body Painting hot naked woman has been the range for the last decade at least. The idea is simple. You take a nude babe, paint her breasts so she’s no longer considered to be naked and she can then parade around in her birthday suit all she likes…

Harley Quinn covered in paint

Following the lead from Play Boy’s Tiffany Fallon (above) titillating the world with a body painted Wonder Woman costume and the fact that it worked for these nude Mass Effect promotional girls it’s no surprise cosplay fans at the Comic Conventions have taken the guise on board as well. Want proof? Check out these body painted girls below who are all dressed as their favourite super heroes….

Batwoman at some kind of sex party
Round and round goes Harley Quinn
Does this silver paint make my ass look phat?

Above is a celebrity Silver Surfer… Kim Kardashian does her best to show off her booty while painted in silver from neck to tow – meanwhile this guy does an epic Silver Surfer fail

I’m going to have to assume that this green covered lady is indeed a painted Poison Ivy.
Catwoman is a fan favourite cosplay costume choice, ever since Michelle Phiffer made sex kittens sexy again.
 And finally below, here’s a sweet body painted Super Girl. She really should have done her nails right?

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